The YUS1 offers Yamaha's outstanding musical performance and quality, for those who demand the very best sound. TransAcoustic™ functionality has been added to this YUS1. This is a TA3 type...

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The YUS1 offers Yamaha's outstanding musical performance and quality, for those who demand the very best sound. TransAcoustic™ functionality has been added to this YUS1. This is a TA3 type TransAcoustic™.


The extraordinary TransAcoustic™ Piano allows you to mute the sound and even control the volume, while still enveloping you with the uniquely rich sound of an acoustic piano. At the heart of the piano, the soundboard amplifies and projects the natural timbres generated by the transducer, providing an entirely new way to enjoy an advanced digital piano. Now you can immerse yourself in the world of the piano whenever you feel inspired, without worrying about the time or your surroundings.

TransAcoustic™ pianos are genuine acoustic pianos, equipped with a volume control feature powered by Yamaha’s latest technology. While it’s also possible to play silently through headphones, the TransAcoustic™ Mode allows you to control the volume of your piano, so you can play without disturbing others. Even at low volumes, the soundboard vibrates so you can enjoy the full, physical sensation of natural acoustic sound as you play.


How it works:

The Yamaha TransAcoustic™ Piano employs a unique technology that blends the traditional acoustic piano experience with modern electronic features. The key component of the TransAcoustic™ system is the TransAcoustic™ Transducer, which is responsible for creating additional sounds and effects without the need for external amplification.


Here's a simplified overview of how it works:

Transducer Placement: Transducers are devices that convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. In the case of the TransAcoustic™ Piano, transducers are strategically placed on the soundboard of the piano. The soundboard is a crucial component of an acoustic piano, responsible for amplifying and projecting the sound produced by the vibrating strings.

Vibration of the Soundboard: When the pianist plays the keys, the hammers strike the strings, producing the initial sound. Simultaneously, the TransAcoustic™ Transducers receive electrical signals and convert them into vibrations. These vibrations are then transmitted directly to the soundboard.

Additional Sounds and Effects: The vibrations produced by the transducers on the soundboard create additional acoustic sounds and effects. These can include reverb, chorus, and other atmospheric effects that enhance the overall listening experience.
Controlled Volume: One of the standout features of the TransAcoustic™ Piano is the ability to control the volume electronically. This is achieved without altering the touch or feel of the keys. Players can adjust the volume to suit their preferences, allowing for quiet practice sessions or louder performances without the need for external amplification.

No External Speakers Required: Unlike traditional digital or electric pianos that often rely on external speakers for amplification, the TransAcoustic™ Piano utilizes the natural resonance of the acoustic soundboard. This maintains the authenticity of the acoustic piano sound while providing control over volume and effects.

Built-in Effects and Features: The piano may include built-in effects like reverb and chorus, which can be adjusted to customize the sound. Some models may also offer additional features such as MIDI connectivity, recording capabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity for more versatility.

In essence, Yamaha's TransAcoustic™ technology transforms the acoustic piano into a hybrid instrument, allowing pianists to enjoy the rich and expressive qualities of an acoustic piano while having the flexibility to control volume and experiment with additional sounds and effects.

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