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XTR Trigger Style Acoustic Guitar Capo - Sieffs Music
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XTR Trigger Style Acoustic Guitar Capo

XTR - Trigger style acoustic guitar capo with bridge pin puller. Lightweight alloy. Silicone rubber string and neck protector pads. Fast action.
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Aroma Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo

Capo for acoustic & electric guitars. High quality metal material; Fine and delicate shape design; Steel spring, High-standard silicone cushion. Comes in Silver, Black, Gold, Purple, Coffee & Red.
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Dunlop Trigger Curved Capo Acoustic

This curved-radius acoustic guitar capo allows you to quickly and easily change key with a squeeze of the hand without hindering your fingers or scratching the neck of your guitar.
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Bill Russel Original Elastic Capo

How to place the capo Press the capo against the strings with the right thumb. Pull the elastic from right to left under the neck and fasten the capo. Banjo...
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G7th Nashville 6 String Capo

NASHVILLE Simple, fast and easy to use, the G7th Nashville addresses the problems often present in other spring capos. Lighter to use, but still With enough strength to get the...
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UltraLight G7th Guitar Capo - Classical & Flamenco

ULTRALIGHT Click. Twist. Play. New for 2017: A genuine G7th adjustable capo meticulously-designed and crafted from next generation composite materials – at an easily affordable price. Why would I buy...