A compact piano with the sound and features to satisfy the needs of advanced players Pianists everywhere are enamored with Yamaha's P Series digital pianos, which provide the traditional touch...
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A compact piano with the sound and features to satisfy the needs of advanced players

Pianists everywhere are enamored with Yamaha's P Series digital pianos, which provide the traditional touch of an acoustic piano with a far more portable size and weight.

The P-225 boasts an eye-catching compact form factor, more than a third smaller than its predecessor. Its 88-key GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard is engineered to the same exacting standards of the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboards used in the prior P Series piano models, ensuring an authentic, acoustic-like playing experience.


The Yamaha P-225 Digital Piano is ideal for both experienced pianists and aspiring students. This model boasts the sounds of Yamaha's premier CFX concert grand piano and utilizes Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite technology to accurately emulate the tonal transformation of a grand piano in real-time.


We recommend this model for:

- Musicians searching for the authentic feel of an acoustic piano will appreciate the weighted keys of the Yamaha P225 Digital Piano.

- Yamaha P225 Digital Piano is ideal for those who want a piano in their home but have limited space available.

- Individuals seeking a secondary instrument may benefit from the Yamaha P225 Digital Piano.


Newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel


Musicians looking to buy a digital piano often worry about the tactile sensation they experience while playing the keys.

Players care about the weight of the keys, how quickly the keyboard responds, the correlation between touch and sound, and the range of dynamics available.


The GHS keys used in prior P Series models have been lauded for their outstanding equilibrium and playing ease. The newly designed, more compact GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard on the current P Series models renders the same playing comfort as its predecessors.


The keyboard has been condensed, yet retains its excellent feel to play.

The hands of a person playing the P-225

The sound of Yamaha’s premier concert grand piano, the CFX

Yamaha P225 Digital Piano provides users with the renowned sound of their top-of-the-line CFX concert grand, containing shimmering highs and robust lows. It is equipped with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite which digitally recreates the intricate resonance of grand pianos, varying based on how the keys are struck. With this, one can experience the sound of a sought-after grand piano accompanied by the realism of its resonance without requiring any tuning.

A photo of a Yamaha concert grand piano, CFX

Place the instrument wherever you like, or even take it with you

Piano players have long had to contend with the encumbrance of traditional pianos taking up too much room, and being unable to take them out with them. Yamaha's P-225 resolves this issue with its elegant design; available in either a black or white finish, it looks as good as it sounds. And with the optional soft case, the P-225 is as portable as you need it to be, perfect for studio, live performances, or transport.

The P-225B on a desk

Access the features of this instrument with greater ease from the app

By linking the P-225 with Yamaha’s dedicated “Smart Pianist” digital piano app, you can intuitively perform all operations on the P-225 from the screen of your smart device. There’s no longer any need to pull out the manual to see how things work.

*When utilizing an app with a musical instrument, a cable or the Yamaha UD-BT01 (iOS only; sold separately) can be used to establish a wireless connection.

The Yamaha “Smart Pianist” app icon, together with a tablet placed on the m ature imageusic stand of the P-225

Minimalistic design that recalls the feel of a grand piano

The P-225's traditional design allows for an effortless addition to any home décor, providing the player the genuine experience of a grand piano.

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