The entry-level model of the P Series. Perfect for beginners with a serious interest in playing the piano! Yamaha's P Series digital pianos are a global favorite among musicians, boasting...
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The entry-level model of the P Series. Perfect for beginners with a serious interest in playing the piano!

Yamaha's P Series digital pianos are a global favorite among musicians, boasting a compact size and weight advantageous for maneuvering while still providing the feel of an acoustic piano. The P-145 functions simply and intuitively, delivering a realistic experience with its streamlined features, making it an ideal option for those just beginning their piano journey.

The P-145 has been completely redesigned with a significantly more slim and compact shape, while still maintaining the superior quality and modern style of its predecessor. Yamaha has equipped this model with the new GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key keyboard, giving it a weighted hammer action similar to traditional acoustic pianos, just like the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboards found on the other models in the P Series.

Recommended for:

- Aspiring pianists unsure of which instrument to choose can find the Yamaha P145 Digital Piano an excellent option for starting their musical journey.

- Those searching for an authentic piano playing experience will find it in the weighted keyboard of the Yamaha P145.

- Those looking for a piano in limited area can trust the Yamaha P145 as a space-saving solution.it

Newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel


Pianists often question the playability of a digital piano's keyboard: whether the keys possess the same weight as an acoustic piano; how consistently the keyboard reacts to rapid passages; if the sound produced matches their playing strength; and finally, if the dynamic range is wide enough.



Highly praised GHS keyboards featured in the P Series offer a remarkable balance and playability that was previously described - now the newly designed, more compact GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard on the P Series retains the same playability in a reduced size. Even with the smaller frame, the keyboard provides an enjoyable playing experience.


The hands of a person playing the P-145

Offering the sound of a full grand piano

This model faithfully replicates the sound of Yamaha's premier concert grand piano, the CFIIIS, which is the origin of the CFX. Captured and sampled from a piano with a clear, reverberating treble and full sound, the P-145 is enhanced with a damper resonance function to recreate the resonance that emanates when pressing the damper pedal, resulting in an even fuller sound. Its dynamic character is unmistakably that of a real grand piano and is, of course, perfectly in tune at all times.


A photo of a Yamaha concert grand piano, CFIIIS

Place the instrument wherever you like, or even take it with you

The P-145 is the ideal solution for pianists who need a digital piano that is both portable and fits their space. It boasts a sleek, stylish design that makes it an attractive addition to any room and the optional soft case allows it to be taken with you to the studio, to a party, to live performances, or on a vacation. Compact and convenient, the P-145 is perfect for any event!

*Headphones and pedal are optional

The P-145B on a desk

Access the features of this instrument with greater ease from the app

By linking the P-145 with Yamaha’s dedicated “Smart Pianist” digital piano app, you can intuitively perform all operations on the P-145 from the screen of your smart device. There’s no longer any need to pull out the manual to see how things work.

*When connecting a smart device to a musical instrument to use the app, you can either use a cable or connect wirelessly using the Yamaha UD-BT01 (sold separately; for iOS only).

The Yamaha “Smart Pianist” app icon, together with a tablet placed on the music stand of the P-145

Minimalistic design featuring only carefully selected functionality

The Yamaha P-145 offers an elegant simplicity that many piano-lovers appreciate--it's a design tailored to the needs of those who don't require complex or rarely-used features. Its modern form factor means this instrument is both stylish and user-friendly.

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