Packed with professional features and at a great price point, the TD-07DMK is the perfect entry to the V-Drums TD-07 series. Experience the responsive, ultra-quiet feel of the PDX-8 snare,...

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Packed with professional features and at a great price point, the TD-07DMK is the perfect entry to the V-Drums TD-07 series. Experience the responsive, ultra-quiet feel of the PDX-8 snare, three PDX-6A toms, and double-ply mesh heads, all in a more compact footprint. The CY-5 crash and ride cymbals offer expressive playability even in tight spaces, while the stand-mounted kick pad helps create the series' smallest setup. Get creative with authentic drum kits across genres, customizable tones, onboard Coach mode, Bluetooth® connectivity to play along with music, and USB to connect to recording software.

Authentic V-Drums Performance

Roland V-Drums have consistently held the highest standard in the electronic drum industry since 1997. These sought-after instruments offer acoustic-style sound, feel, and playability, all combined with best-in-class technology, features, and dependability. The TD-07DMK, the lowest-priced kit in the TD-07 series, brings this legacy within reach for all drummers, from beginners to experts.

Powerful TD-07 Sound Module

The TD-07DMK is equipped with a powerful, highly acclaimed TD-07 sound module, allowing users to access acoustic drums, electronic drums, and a vast selection of percussion instruments. All sounds are captured in professional studios and powered with the latest V-Drums technology for a truly superior electronic drum kit experience.

Digital Drums That Don’t Disturb

The TD-07DMK is the ideal electronic drum kit for home use—its volume can be adjusted low and headphones can be used for discreet practice. The kit's drum stand and mesh pads are particularly quiet, making them ideal for use in locations where noise can be a disturbance. The mesh heads offer a great playing feel without excessive noise, while the specially designed damping in the kick pad reduces both noise and vibration. The drum stand is specially constructed to limit noise and vibration transfer to the floor, and the range of optional solutions from Roland further reduce noise levels if necessary.

Play Out of the Box—or Go Deeper

Take a seat on the drum throne and you'll find a range of pre-programmed kits that will motivate your performance. Ready to experiment? Unlock the vast library of sounds and explore the endless possibilities- switch up snares, combine toms, try distinct kicks, or select from a variety of crashes and rides. Tune your drums, add damping to warm the sound, alter the virtual space, or take the reigns as your own sound technician- refine your drum tones to perfection with the robust EQs of the TD-07 module.

Authentic Acoustic Tone and Response

The TD-07DMK delivers an expansive library of sounds to spark creativity and inspiration. Even in a compact size, these drum and cymbal pads are outfitted with responsive sensors that pick up on every hit, stroke, roll, and technique. This module translates your expressivity with exact accuracy and quick reaction, all while staying out of sight. Get into the music with nothing to get in the way.

Genuine Roland Mesh-Head Pads

Roland pioneered mesh drumheads in 1997, and continues to drive innovation in the industry. Dual layers of custom mesh provide rebound and stick resistance that rivals acoustic drums, while tension can be fine-tuned with a drum key. V-Drums mesh pads offer unrivalled feel and accuracy with no compromises.

Rugged and Reliable Drum Stand and Hardware

No matter the intensity of your performance, you can rely on the TD-07DMK's custom drum stand and precision clamps to ensure stable, secure placement that won’t shift. Even in its compact design, it boasts exceptional durability and strength, enabling long-lasting use and upholding the V-Drums standard for reliable, rugged performance.

Playback Audio and Jam Along with Bluetooth

The TD-07DMK enables drummers to jam along with their chosen music, transmitting audio wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Users can also take advantage of video sound as they practice along with online songs and video lessons. For devices without Bluetooth compatibility, an audio cable can be used for stereo sound. MIDI over Bluetooth allows users to wirelessly record MIDI data in music apps.

Make Drum Practice Fun with 40 Free Lessons from Melodics

Connect your TD-07DMK V-Drums to Melodics (a desktop app) for guided steps and tutorial tracks. Practice and improve your drumming with 40 free lessons, and learn without limits with a subscription for unlimited tutorials. Make the most of every minute at the kit and get the most out of your V-Drums experience.

Go from Strength to Strength and Track Your Progress

Experience the convenience of having an instructor at your disposal every time you pick up the sticks! The TD-07 module features an integrated Coach mode packed with accuracy and timing challenges, from novice to advanced, plus scoring that makes improvement enjoyable. And of course, the metronome is there as your reliable timing buddy, to help perfect your rhythmic timing.

Connect and Record via USB

The TD-07DMK is more than a top-notch drum kit; it's also a reliable audio/MIDI interface for Mac and Windows PCs. Through one USB link, you can transmit stereo audio and MIDI information from the module right to your favored music production program. Or use the set to activate software-based drum instruments for both live and studio performance. And if you're a multi-instrumentalist looking to add some drum parts to your music, the TD-07DMK is a great choice for your home studio—simply set up, hook up, and add dynamic-sounding drums to your recordings.

Standard Features

  • TD-07 module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and 143 instruments
  • V-Edit, EQ, ambience, and 30 multi-effects offer deep editing tools to create your perfect drum kit sounds
  • Snare and tom pads with Roland’s legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads
  • One PDX-8 8-inch snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds and three PDX-6A 6.5-inch single-zone tom pads
  • KD-2 kick pad attaches directly to the drum stand
  • CY-5 10-inch crash and ride cymbals with choke support
  • CY-5 10-inch hi-hat cymbals and integrated foot pedal, with fine incremental control between open and closed positions
  • Four-post drum rack stand with metal construction and sturdy clamps with strong grip
  • Integrated Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream sound from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Advanced built-in metronome with the ability to adjust time signature, note value, and click tone
  • Onboard Coach function provides interactive tools to build timing skills and track progress
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to computer music software
  • Support for kit expansion with a second crash cymbal (CY-8 V-Cymbal and MDY-Standard cymbal arm sold separately)