Barnes & Mullins BMR300 Resonator Guitar The Barnes & Mullins BMR300 resonator guitar is the perfect instrument to begin or continue your foray into authentic blues and bluegrass guitar playing....

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Sku: BMR300
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Barnes & Mullins BMR300 Resonator Guitar

The Barnes & Mullins BMR300 resonator guitar is the perfect instrument to begin or continue your foray into authentic blues and bluegrass guitar playing.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this exquisite parlour-sized guitar boasts a stunning satin spruce top and an open pore mahogany back and sides. Its singular cone and biscuit bridge resonator design, adorned with a chrome cover and hardware, create exquisite sounds. The elegant combination of two f-holes and three circular soundholes adds a sophisticated and classic touch to its appearance.


The BMR300 features a stunning combination of mahogany and walnut, with a round-neck and a slotted headstock adorned with open geared lyra machine heads for a vintage touch.

Indulge in the rich and vibrant tones of the BMR300 Resonator Guitar, crafted with precision and expertly designed with shared resonator characteristics found in banjos. Embrace its distinctive mid/high range metallic assertiveness and experience an authentic bluesy vibe in your playing. The combination of spruce and mahogany tonewoods adds a touch of warmth while the soundholes provide excellent volume and a well-rounded low-end..

Why should I buy a resonator guitar?

Experience the unparalleled quality of the Barnes & Mullins BMR300 Resonator Guitar, perfect for both newcomers and experts in the blues and bluegrass genres. Enhance your collection with this exceptional instrument..

This versatile instrument is capable of being tuned to different tunings that are ideal for blues, slide guitar, dobro, and bluegrass styles. It can also be tuned to standard guitar tuning, allowing you to give your favorite riffs and licks an authentic blues and folk sound. Experience a sophisticated and exclusive sound reminiscent of the world of art, literature, and fashion with this resonator guitar.

Common resonator guitar tunings

D, G, D, G, B, D - Open G
D, A, D, F#, A, D - Open D
E, A, D, G, B, E - Standard Guitar Tuning
G, B, D, G, B, D - Dobro Tuning


  • Top: Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Walnut
  • Frets: 18
  • Nut Width: 43mm
  • Scale Length: 25" / 650mm
  • Bridge: Maple & Ebony - Biscuit Design
  • Coverplate: Chrome
  • Resonator Cone: Iron Alloy
  • Handrest: Chrome
  • Machine Heads: Lyra Open Gear
  • Finish: Satin (Open Pore Back & Sides)

Please Note: Specifications are subject to change at any time.

Barnes & Mullins Origins

In the year 1894, Albert Mullins and S. Bowley Barnes began their renowned musical instrument journal, "The Jo".

With expertise in all things banjo, they quickly transitioned to producing their own banjos and importing various other instruments. Today, Barnes and Mullins' original banjos remain highly coveted, with collectors eagerly seeking them out worldwide.

Tragically, in 1914, at the young age of 40, Albert Mullins lost his life in a drowning accident when the ship, 'Empress of Ireland,' sank on the St. Lawrence River. This unfortunate event occurred on the final leg of his 2-year journey to sell our premium products.

Bowley Barnes carried on the business, which he had begun with his partner in Bournemouth years ago, and relocated it to Rathbone Place in London.

In 1976, Mark Barnes, the son of Bowley Barnes, relocated the company to Grays Inn Road in Bloomsbury. Tragically, in 1986, Mark Barnes passed away, leaving behind a legacy of admiration and respect from both employees and customers. His kind and altruistic nature was always cherished by those who knew him.

In 1999, Bruce Perrin, who had been a Director since 1986, was appointed Managing Director. He relocated the business from London to the current location, Grays Inn House – a contemporary 46000sqft warehouse and office space in Oswestry, Shropshire.

Bruce Perrin says “We are excited about the future and are constantly looking at ways to innovate and evolve, yet Barnes and Mullins has always endeavoured to put the customer at the top of its priority list”.