Choosing your first piano or keyboard might feel overwhelming, whether it's a lifelong dream or your child's musical journey. The fear of commitment lingers – will the passion last? We get it. The plethora of choices can make you want to throw in the towel before you even start. But hang in there! Once it all clicks, you might become the musician you've always wanted to be, or your child could be the next Beethoven! Let's tackle the first hurdle: where do you begin?

Acoustic Pianos: The Classics An acoustic piano, the OG design dating back to the 1700s, is a sophisticated marvel made up of 8000-12,000 parts. Well-crafted, it can last over a century, becoming a family heirloom. The magic happens with internal hammers reacting to key touches, hitting strings, and reverberating against the soundboard.

There are two types:

Grand pianos (with three legs and a lid) and Upright pianos (the space-saving version). The bigger the piano, the bigger the sound – but in modern living, not everyone has room for a grand piano. Enter the upright piano, perfect for smaller spaces. Plus, there's a thriving market for second-hand pianos, a safe and affordable option, especially with trusted brands like Yamaha or Kawai. Check out our link "What to Look for When Buying a Second Hand or Used Piano."

Acoustic Piano Maintenance: Tune once a year

Price Range for Brand New: $6000 to $100,000 and beyond.

Keyboards and Digital Pianos: Embracing Technology Technology's leap brings us keyboards and digital pianos, powered by electricity or batteries. Versatile and portable, they offer a myriad of sounds, beats, rhythms, and songs, making them favorites for bands or buskers.

Keyboards typically have 61-76 keys, while digital pianos boast 88 weighted keys, mimicking the acoustic piano's feel. If you're taking lessons, most teachers recommend at least 88 keys and weighted action for a smoother transition.

Digital Piano Types:

  • Portable Models: Light and travel-friendly, but you need to purchase stands or pedals separately.
  • Cabinet Models: Resemble traditional pianos, complete with stands, lid, and pedals. The best part about going digital? You can plug in headphones! A game-changer for late-night practice sessions or repetitive tunes.

Digital Price Range:

  • Keyboards: $250 - $4000
  • Portable Digital Piano: $800 - $4000
  • Cabinet Digital Piano: $1600 - $20,000

Now you may be asking yourself, "Can't I get an acoustic piano and plug in headphones?" Now that's a whole other conversation about the hybrid piano range and what a range there is. Let's talk about them here.

Armed with this info, finding the perfect piano or keyboard is a lot less daunting. So, whether you're chasing a lifelong dream or supporting your child's musical journey, the right instrument is just a decision away. Happy playing!

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