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Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser - Sieffs Music
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Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser

Authentic and classic three dimensional phase shifting—from rapid rotary speaker to impressive jet plane effects This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on...
MXR Phase 90 - Sieffs Music
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MXR Phase 90

For more than four decades, the MXR Phase 90 has been a mainstay on the pedal boards of millions of players around the globe. This little orange box went on...
MXR Phase 95 Effect Pedal - Sieffs Music
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MXR Phase 95 Effect Pedal

Phase 95 (Mini). Combining Phase 45 & Phase 90 circuits in a mini housing. The 45/90 switch toggles between the Phase 45 mode's subtle two-stage phasing and the Phase 90...
Behringer FX600 Digital Multi-FX - Sieffs Music
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Behringer FX600 Digital Multi-FX

Digital Stereo Multi-Effects Pedal Ultimate digital multi-effects pedal comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors 24-bit high-resolution stereo effects including Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Tremolo and Pitch Shifter 2 additional parameter controls...